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ESG Optimization

At the heart of our approach to ESG is a profound commitment to our stakeholders. Through data-driven practices that create accountability, we seek to achieve continuous improvement in terms of decarbonization, resident well-being, and to foster strong capital partnerships through transparency. We're not just adapting to the changing real estate investment landscape; we're committed to proactively and sustainably building a better future for all.

Leadership Commitment

A dedication to stakeholder interests guides our vision and actions from the very top

Our CEO and Executive Leadership Team understand that ESG is an integral part of operating a resilient and successful real estate investment management company that’s built for the future. Our team puts in the work to keep our values, mission, and objectives aligned with this principle. Responsible Investment is the cornerstone we are continuously building upon, from asset selection to ground-up development, promoting stakeholder trust and greater value creation.

Director of Sustainability

Thomas Stanchak

Tom began his career with Stoneweg US in 2017 as an Asset Manager, where he was responsible for overseeing operations, maximizing occupancy, and maintaining budgets for 17 assets in the Midwest region. In 2019, Tom was promoted to Senior Asset Manager assuming operational responsibility for more than 50% of total AUMs; where his operational leadership was hugely impactful in the Company’s ability to deliver healthy returns to its investors that year. In 2020, Tom began focusing his efforts on implementing various energy-efficient and innovative practices to his portfolio by introducing water use conservation, LED retrofits, and effective recycling methods that would not only incorporate sustainability, but also provide key value-add for residents. Tom is now the Director of Sustainability at Stoneweg US due to his success and influence is reshaping the Company’s ESG strategy.

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Our Bottom Up Approach to ESG

Stoneweg US champions practical ESG actions across our ecosystem of associates and partners, giving our teams the tools they need to make a difference. With clear objectives and data-driven insights, we manage every asset to realize its full potential.

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A Track Record of Sustainable Leadership

Rooted in Europe's strong sustainability heritage, our CEO, Patrick Richard, recognized the importance of integrating sustainable practices into U.S. investments. With a deep respect for stakeholders and a forward-looking vision, Patrick and Director of Sustainability, Thomas Stanchak, underscore the pivotal role of ESG in Stoneweg US' enduring impact.

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ESG Objectives

We aim to deliver a quality living experience for modest-to-middle income households who rent, enhance the resiliency of our real estate investments, report on initiatives in a meaningful transparent way, and collaboratively build a better future for everyone.

  • Enhance Resident Life

    Prioritizing the well-being of residents by fostering safe, connected, and quality living environments for working individuals and families.

  • Integrate Sustainability at the Portfolio Level

    Implementing a comprehensive sustainability blueprint across our portfolio, driving efficiency, better financial returns, and optimized value for all.

  • Achieve Accountability, Transparency & Trust

    A foundation of ethical behavior and integrity, buttressed by protective measures to uphold the trust of our employees, residents, and partners who invest with us.

  • Enhance the Climate Resilience of the Portfolio

    By assessing and acting on climate-related risks, we aim for a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 (2023 baseline), underscoring our dedication to a resilient, sustainable future.

ESG data is a complex challenge at scale for real estate investors. Reliable technologies and a comprehensive system of collecting data is what sets good intentions apart from proven results.

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Patrick RichardFounder & CEO
Sustainability Governance & Reporting

Good Stewardship Through Effective Governance

Our ESG policies and public reporting are evidence of our commitment to stakeholder fidelity and accountability. Our ESG due diligence process produces a detailed plan for each acquisition that aligns with our objectives, outlining actions designed to achieve specific, measurable outcomes over the hold period. By aspiring to adhere to frameworks like the UN Global Compact, GRI, SASB, TCFD, CDP & SBTi, we not only uphold our promise of resilience and sustainability but also earn the trust of our stakeholders and residents.

Policies & Reports
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Advocacy and Partnerships

Creating Value Together: Collaboration and Partnership in Multifamily Investment

At Stoneweg US, we transcend traditional investment management through effective collaboration and meaningful partnerships. We work with industry thought leaders to develop innovative solutions and illuminate new opportunities that drive genuine value generation. Our strategic partnerships champion environmental sustainability and social equity, paving the way for responsible, future-ready multifamily investment practices for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Awards & Achievements

Celebrating Progress: The Keystone of Continuous ESG Improvement

Seeking achievements and earning recognition are fundamental steps in the ENERGY STAR® guide for effective Energy Management. By broadly integrating these principles, Stoneweg US adopts a holistic approach to our ESG initiatives. We bridge commitments, evaluations, goals, actions, and plans, creating value in all ESG spheres.

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ESG In Focus

Distinct Routes to Sustainable Value

Stoneweg US combines a track record of US multifamily real estate success with grounded responsible investing practices. We embed ESG in our investing practices to become more resilient for the long haul, ready to adapt, innovate and grow.

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