Policies & Reports

Driving Value with Accountability

Stoneweg US seeks to provide a clear view of our intentions, expectations, activities, accomplishments, and the future path we have charted. Transparency and accountability in the context of ESG are some of the most powerful tools we deploy to establish and preserve stakeholder trust, the foundation our business is built upon.

Policies & Reports

ESG Policies

Stoneweg US' ESG Policies outline ideals we aspire to. They're not static documents; they represent an evolving ambition. As we gain expertise and demonstrate greater effectiveness, these policies are reviewed and refined, ensuring we're gravitating in the direction of excellence and keeping a continuous improvement mindset.

Policies & Reports

ESG Reports

Reporting offers a lens into Stoneweg US' ESG actions and their impact. They are the evidence of measurable progress and consensus-building through stakeholder collaboration. Each report establishes an objective current state through peer benchmarking and ESG framework adoption and sets a new baseline in our growth trajectory, giving stakeholders an authentic glimpse into the real-world results and outcomes of ESG investment activities.

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