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Stoneweg US Launches New Website alongside Stoneweg SA

St. Petersburg, FL: Stoneweg US, a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisitions and developments, announced today the unveiling of their new website design which coincides with the launch of the Stoneweg SA new website, which was unveiled yesterday. While Stoneweg US concentrates on acquisitions and developments in the United States, their parent company, Stoneweg SA, focuses on acquisitions and developments in Switzerland, Spain and Italy, which are all homes to the Stoneweg Group’s regional offices.

The revamping of both websites was inspired by the everchanging landscape of real estate and investor websites and will now feature more vivid imagery of portfolio properties, robust resources and information of the companies’ activities for investors, expanded news and press sections, and an investor portal that will grant investors access to information pertaining to property performance and other financial insights. The Stoneweg US website will also contain a “Stoneweg Experience” section that will feature short videos of properties in the company’s portfolio while demonstrating results of implemented rehab efforts and strategies thus far.

“We are very proud to offer a more interactive website experience to our investors and partners alongside our parent company,” said CEO Patrick Richard. “Our new website will serve as a wonderful tool in displaying how we conduct our business while showcasing our commitment to growing investments and building communities.”

The new website addresses will remain the same for both companies with the Stoneweg US website being, while the Stoneweg SA website can be found at

About Stoneweg US

Stoneweg US is a multifamily real estate investment and development firm located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg with a portfolio of over 11,000 units valued at approximately $900 million. The Company invests in multifamily assets properties positioned for strong growth and focuses on increasing investor returns, while improving the resident experience through a variety of value-add strategies. For more information on Stoneweg US, please visit:

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