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Our Culture

At Stoneweg US, culture is foundational—driving our success, fueling innovation, and guiding our commitment to sustainable multifamily real estate. Our diverse and dynamic team is united in this mission, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Together, we aim to deliver outstanding value to our stakeholders and shape a more sustainable future in the real estate industry.

Our Values

Core Values and Behaviors

At Stoneweg US, our core values are deeply ingrained in our mission. We are committed to enhancing the resident experience, fostering positive change in the communities we serve, and delivering outstanding returns to our investors. Our values guide every aspect of our work, ensuring we create, identify, and manage investment opportunities with a higher purpose – contributing to a better world and delivering historically superior outcomes for all stakeholders.

Rooted in our 29 Fundamentals, we take pride in our value-driven approach to achieving our goals as a business. Our efforts yield measurable results, evident in the returns and investor satisfaction.

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Senior Leadership

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Our Beliefs

Collaborative Synergy: Unveiling Investment Potential and Asset Optimization

  • Excellence

    We approach investing with a commitment to excellence and strive to be best in class throughout every facet of our business. Our team sets aggressive, yet attainable, investment hurdles and seeks to exceed these goals through the detailed execution of our business plans and creative solutions to issues that may arise.

  • Impact

    Our priority is to make a positive impact on everyone associated with our business, serving all stakeholders through our disciplined investment approach that integrates social responsibility and environmental sustainability. By efficiently developing and repositioning multifamily projects, we serve a critical social need and reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Value Creation

    Our team strives to create value for our communities and their residents, as well as for our investors who make these opportunities possible. We create value by identifying assets in high-growth markets, aggressively negotiating purchase and debt terms, and relentlessly executing our repositioning strategy across our portfolio.

The Stoneweg US Vision

Our vision is to always be a respected leader and a desired partner in the US multifamily real estate industry.

Our Roots

A European Perspective

At Stoneweg US, our commitment to crafting high-quality, custom built environments originates from our European roots. We dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable communities that serve the greater good. With a broad mindset, we create environments that offer value, quality, and innovation for our capital partners. Our journey is one of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to shaping the future of real estate on a larger scale.

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